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Breastfeeding Tips & Inspiration form a breastfeeding mom of 2
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Breastfeeding Tips & Inspiration

I often hear so many stories about mothers getting discouraged when it comes to breastfeeding. There are also numerous articles talking about how difficult it is. As if there aren’t enough articles telling pregnant women and mothers to be afraid and unconfident. While breastfeeding isn’t exactly as Ali Wong described her expectations, “I thought it was supposed to be this…

Baby & Kid Dishes | Cute Dishes, cups, bowls, plates, & utensils for kids and babies. bamboo silicone
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Fun Dishes For Kids & Babies

As an adult, it drives me crazy to have mismatching dishes! I like for all of my glasses to match, (Joel and I fight about him wanting to save every jar to drink out of). I also like for all of my plates and bowls to be the same color and shape. Kids dishes on the other hand are so…

Family Trip to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science | Family vlog by popular North Carolina blogger Jessica Linn, owner and author of Linn Style and Babies, Love, & Lattes.
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Family Vlog | NC Museum of Natural Science

This past weekend, Joel and I took the kids out for a fun day in Raleigh North Carolina. We had a fun (and loud) family breakfast at ihop, or as Brayden calls it, “ihock“. I decided to make a short family vlog out of it! We went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science in downtown Raleigh, then had…

Valentines Day Gifts For Babies
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Valentines Day Gifts For Babies

In my opinion, babies are pretty easy to shop for! The younger they are the less personal interests they have haha! It’s such a fun time to buy things that YOU like and dress your baby the way you want to. I always tell people, the first year is about what the parent likes. We get to pick the first…

Valentines Day Gifts For Kids | Toymail Talkie by Babies Love & Lattes, a motherhood and lifestyle blog by North Carolina blogger Jessica Linn

Valentines Day Gifts For Kids

I don’t know about you but I am not a mushy lovey-dovey person. I love my husband a ton, but I’m just not a super romantic person. As a teenager, I was always bummed if I didn’t have a boyfriend for Valentines Day. As an adult, I no longer see Valentines Day as a romantic holiday. To me, it is…

Kid Friendly Starbucks Drinks | Caffeine Free Starbucks Menu by parenting and lifestyle blog Babies Love & Lattes.
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Kid Friendly Starbucks Drinks. JUDGE ME!

Whether you’re looking for a Starbucks drink that’s suitable for children, or you are personally avoiding caffeine, I’ve put together a list of everything I could find on the menu that is caffeine free. DO NOT ORDER THE REFRESHERS! Many people assume that they are not caffeinated but they have a lot of caffeine. I just wanted to get that…

Cute Baby Teething Toys | Stylish baby toys featured on Babies, Love, & Lattes a motherhood and lifestyle blog by popular North Carolina blogger, Jessica Linn.
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The Cutest Baby Teethers EVER!

As someone who really appreciates anything adorable, I love how far baby products have come! Not only are they functional but they are now cute as well. I have noticed that teething toys are often times the most adorable shapes and colors! Most of my reviews take the aesthetic of products into consideration because in all honesty, it’s something that…

Britax B-Ready Stroller Review | Baby gear review by Babies, Love, & Lattes a motherhood and lifestyle blog by popular North Carolina blogger Jessica Linn.
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Britax B-Ready Stroller Review

Even though Catalina is my second baby, it was my first time picking out a stroller that I wanted. I had my sights set on a Rachel Zoe stroller but it was small and pricey! Joel wanted something bigger that both kids could sit in, (I think the price was the main reason ;)). He showed me the Britax B-Ready…

Scruff-A-Luvs Review | Scruff-A-Luvs come as an unidentifiable, matted ball of fur. Kids have to bathe them, dry them, and brush them out to find out what adorable animal they are. I love that it teaches kids to take care of animals. Demo by Babies, Love, & Lattes a motherhood and lifestyle blog by popular North Carolina blogger Jessica Linn.

Scruff-A-Luvs Review

I’m sure you’ve seen these adorable Scruff-A-Luvs all over social media! I came across them on sale at Aldi and had to grab it for Brayden. While Brady was plenty of toys that clutter the house up, I LOVE brands that try to make an impact with their products which is why I was happy to bring this toy home….