Boba Wrap Review | Babies, Love, and Lattes by Jessica Linn

I’ve always been afraid of carrying my babies in a wrap! It just looked unsafe to me and I didn’t think they looked sturdy enough. We did carry Catalina in the Ergo baby carrier but she didn’t like it very much. I think it pushed her legs too far apart when she was smaller. Before I had Rosa I decided to order a baby wrap and looked at reviews on Amazon.

There are so many great baby wrap carriers to choose from so I narrowed it down to the three brands with the most and highest reviews; Boba, Cuddlebug, and KeaBabies. All of which had 4,000+ ratings and almost 5 stars. Most of these wraps are between $27-$50 depending on the color/pattern. The color I got was $40.

I decided to go with the Boba Original Stretchy Infant Sling since it was labeled as #1 in Amazon Best Seller for child carrier slings.

Final Thoughts

Let me tell you, the Boba wrap is the most used baby product we have, (aside from the Owlet Baby Monitor Sock which we use every night).

I wear the Boba wrap every day and Rosa falls asleep so quickly and will sleep for a couple of hours while I carry her around and do things I need to do. My mom had been wearing it too and Rosa sleeps in the wrap for her too.

The Boba wrap is so comfortable to wear as well! The fabric is soft and breathable so I don’t get hot wearing it and it has the exact right amount of stretchiness. It’s stretchy enough to be comfortable and easily get the baby in and out of the sling but it is still so sturdy and doesn’t feel like it loosens too much as I wear it around. I definitely plan on ordering more!