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Halloween Kids Tablescape | Babies, Love, and Lattes by Jessica Linn Halloween cookies decorating kits, and halloween gingerbread house from Target. Kids Halloween pajamas
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Halloween Kids Tablescape

One of our favorite purchases last year was this little white KidKraft table. It’s the perfect size for my three kids and I love that it has a bench with it! This kids table looks so much like one I saw a Pottery Barn a few years ago but for a fraction of the price. I loved the white kids’…

Baby & Kid Dishes | Cute Dishes, cups, bowls, plates, & utensils for kids and babies. bamboo silicone
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Fun Dishes For Kids & Babies

As an adult, it drives me crazy to have mismatching dishes! I like for all of my glasses to match, (Joel and I fight about him wanting to save every jar to drink out of). I also like for all of my plates and bowls to be the same color and shape. Kids dishes on the other hand are so…

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$100 Weekly Grocery Haul (Family of 3 1/2)!

At almost 26 years old, I finally decided to start being a real adult. Joel and I looked at our monthly spending habits and were shocked! We couldn’t believe how much money we were spending on food, (and Starbucks). We were spending $200+ on groceries every week, while also eating out. Our Starbucks consumption was also a daily habit. With…

Kid Friendly Starbucks Drinks | Caffeine Free Starbucks Menu by parenting and lifestyle blog Babies Love & Lattes.
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Kid Friendly Starbucks Drinks. JUDGE ME!

Whether you’re looking for a Starbucks drink that’s suitable for children, or you are personally avoiding caffeine, I’ve put together a list of everything I could find on the menu that is caffeine free. DO NOT ORDER THE REFRESHERS! Many people assume that they are not caffeinated but they have a lot of caffeine. I just wanted to get that…

Starbucks Citrus Defender and Medicine Bomb Recipes | How To Make At Home | Once again, my family has come down with a cold! My go to has been Citrus Defender. Here's how you can make Starbucks Citrus Defender Medicine Bomb at home!

Starbucks Citrus Defender & Medicine Bomb Recipes

Once again, my family has come down with a cold! I swear whenever one child starts school someone in the house is always sick. In our case, everyone usually gets sick. I woke up with a horrible headache and a sore tight throat and chest. Being the basic millennial chick I am, I remembered my favorite bloggers raving about Starbucks’…