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Gifts For Teenage Girls
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Gifts For Teenage Girls

I don’t know about you but I very vividly still remember being a teenage girl. I still got so excited about Christmas/birthdays and gifts and remember the types of gifts I wanted. Heck, a lot of the gifts I wanted as a teenager are gifts I would still want! Now with the internet, it is even easier to find the…

Gifts For Teen Boys by Babies Love and Lattes
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Gifts For Teen Boys

I’ve always struggled with finding gifts for menfolk. My husband is impossible to shop for. He’s a tech guy and I know nothing about electronics, computers, or anything. Now, my son and brother are getting close to being teens in a few years and I have found it increasingly more difficult to buy them gifts they will actually like. I…

Cute Protective iPad Cases For Kids | Babies Love and Lattes by Jessica Linn Butterfly case

Cute Protective iPad Cases For Kids

My kids have iPads. I know it can be a controversial topic. Some of us are very against screen time while some of us rely on it too much. I think most things in moderation are okay and even beneficial but I’m still trying to find the right balance for my kids’ relationships with technology. Technology is a huge part…

Halloween Kids Tablescape | Babies, Love, and Lattes by Jessica Linn Halloween cookies decorating kits, and halloween gingerbread house from Target. Kids Halloween pajamas
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Halloween Kids Tablescape

One of our favorite purchases last year was this little white KidKraft table. It’s the perfect size for my three kids and I love that it has a bench with it! This kids table looks so much like one I saw a Pottery Barn a few years ago but for a fraction of the price. I loved the white kids’…

What My Kids Wore In Jupiter Florida In April | Babies Love and Lattes by Jessica Linn girls and baby orange floral print cat and jack dress
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What My Kids Wore In Jupiter Florida In April

I just posted what I wore in Jupiter Florida in April on my fashion blog but wanted to give you kids outfit inspiration on what clothing to pack for your kids to wear to Florida during the spring. The weather was amazing while we were in Florida the first week of April. It was warm enough for us to get…

Jeep Wrangler Stroller Wagon Review | Babies Love and Lattes by Jessica Linn
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Jeep Wrangler Stroller Wagon Review

Two weeks after we sold our house and moved into a third-floor apartment, we found out we were having a third kid. Joel wanted to find an easy way to get all of the kids and our stuff to the car easily, (thank goodness there is an elevator in our building). He ordered the Jeep Wrangler Stroller Wagon right before…

Boba Wrap Review | Babies, Love, and Lattes by Jessica Linn
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Boba Original Stretchy Wrap Review

I’ve always been afraid of carrying my babies in a wrap! It just looked unsafe to me and I didn’t think they looked sturdy enough. We did carry Catalina in the Ergo baby carrier but she didn’t like it very much. I think it pushed her legs too far apart when she was smaller. Before I had Rosa I decided…