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Unique Baby Girl Names
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Unique and Uncommon Baby Girl Names

One of the most exciting things to do after finding out you’re having a baby is brainstorming baby names! Names are one of the first things we use to identify who we are. We write it on everything, open with our name in every introduction. Being responsible for naming a baby is exciting but also feels like a lot of…

Gifts For Teenage Girls
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Gifts For Teenage Girls

I don’t know about you but I very vividly still remember being a teenage girl. I still got so excited about Christmas/birthdays and gifts and remember the types of gifts I wanted. Heck, a lot of the gifts I wanted as a teenager are gifts I would still want! Now with the internet, it is even easier to find the…

The Best Mommy and Me Outfits Online Ivy City Co dresses Babies Love and Lattes by Jessica Linn
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The Best Mommy and Me Outfits Online

Dressing up in matching mommy and me outfits is something we moms LOVE! Kids love their mom, a lot. They want to do everything we do and get so excited to “be like mommy.” It’s really cute so matching mom is really exciting for them as well. We get to dress ourselves and our little ones up in coordinated outfits…

Gifts For Teen Boys by Babies Love and Lattes
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Gifts For Teen Boys

I’ve always struggled with finding gifts for menfolk. My husband is impossible to shop for. He’s a tech guy and I know nothing about electronics, computers, or anything. Now, my son and brother are getting close to being teens in a few years and I have found it increasingly more difficult to buy them gifts they will actually like. I…

1 Month With Baby Rosa! | Meeting Siblings & First Check Up | Family Vlog by Jessica Linn
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First Month With Baby Rosa!

I can’t believe it has (now been 2 months) since bringing our sweet baby Rosa into this world! I recorded a few clips during our first month as a family of 5 and they’re giving me all the feels. We took Brady and Catalina to my parent’s house the night before I was scheduled to be induced. About 24 hours…

Father's Day Gifts That Support Small Businesses by Jessica Linn

Father’s Day Gifts That Support Small Businesses

It’s always a good time to support small business owners but especially right now during these uncertain times. Father’s Day is right around the corner so it’s a great opportunity to get the dads in your life something handmade and special while supporting small shops. You can support small businesses by shopping their websites or storefronts when they reopen but…

Postpartum Essentials | Babies Love & Lattes by Jessica Linn

Postpartum Essentials For A Comfortable Recovery

I’m currently 3 weeks postpartum and have been asked a few questions on TikTok about postpartum recovery so I thought I’d share the items I’ve used/recommend the most for the 4th trimester! Diapers And I don’t mean for the baby! I used jumbo pads after having my first two kids but realized that getting extra-absorbent disposable underwear would be a…