Trendy Diaper Bags That Will Keep You Stylish by Babies, Love, & Lattes a motherhood and lifestyle blog by North Carolina blogger Jessica Linn. Fashionable Diaper bags from Skip Hop at Nordstrom.
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Trendy Diaper Bags That Will Keep You In Style

During my first pregnancy, the idea of lugging around a frumpy diaper bag gave me so much anxiety! It sounds silly but at 19 years old I felt like becoming a mom meant that my chances of being “cool” or stylish were already out the window before even getting the chance to develop my personal style. (Not that I was…

The Best Inexpensive Breast Pump | Spectra S2 Review Affordable breast pumps.
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The Best Breast Pump is only $157!

When I was a first-time mom I had no idea that there were so many different brands, styles, and functions of breast pumps.  I also had no idea how vast the price variations were, with highly rated breast pumps in the $300+ range. I just took whatever hand-me-down my mom gave to me, (it was sterilized I swear)!  That pump…

Here are 10 parenting quotes that I want to live by in 2019 to be the best and most present mother that I can be. Babies Love & Lattes by Jessica Linn
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Parenting Quotes I Want To Live By

My number one resolution for 2019 is to be a better and more present mother.  I checked my son’s iPad usage and YIKES!  To be perfectly honest, I’m afraid to check my phone use habits.  I am a blogger so it makes sense for me to be on my phone at times throughout the day, but I know I use it far…

Babies, Love, & Lattes is a motherhood and lifestyle blog by North Carolina blogger Jessica Linn

Welcome To Babies, Love, & Lattes!

Hey there, I’m so glad you’ve dropped by! Being a stay-at-home mom can feel pretty lonely at times, am I right?! While I love my kiddos, I needed something for myself. Something that I enjoyed and that gave me the ability to connect with other awesome ladies. The blogging world has been, (often times a headache), but mostly a lifesaver…