With my other two pregnancies, I was fortunate to not really get stretch marks. Just a couple of small ones. This third pregnancy was different in so many ways and one of them is I got more stretch marks that I did with my other two combined! I got through most of my pregnancy without stretch marks, then at 37 weeks, BAM! They sprouted under and right around my belly button. It was a bit of a bummer but I’m seeing them fade more and more each day and with these products, I’m hopeful that my skin will continue improving and get to a point that I am comfortable with!

Derma Roller

Derma rolling is supposed to boost collagen production by creating small injuries to the skin signaling it to produce collagen and elastin. I’ve seen blog posts and videos where people used derma rollers for stretch marks and loose skin and had great results.

Mederma PM Overnight Intensive Scar Cream

I’m thinking there might be some lightening/bleaching ingredients in this Mederma overnight treatment because I notice in the mornings my skin looks a bit lighter where I apply it. I’ve been alternating every night between the Mederma Cream, BioOil, and DermaClara silicone patches. Just whatever I feel like using that night.


I used BioOil throughout my pregnancy and it did well but I did sprout some stretch marks literally the last few weeks of being pregnant which was such a bummer! BioOil is great for preventing stretch marks and also for lightening them and it’s overall just good for your skin.

Vitamin C

I use a vitamin C serum when I derma roll. I apply it before using the derma roller and then after. Vitamin C helps with evening skin tone and can help reduce signs of aging.

Collagen Supplements

I started taking the Multi Collagen Plus supplements to help the appearance of my skin. These have really great reviews on Amazon!


Exfoliating is very important! It helps to shed dead skin, promote cell turnover and production, and can help any skincare products you use absorb better. I love this mocha and coffee sugar scrub from Tree Hut, it smells amazing! The caffeine in it also aids in skin firming!


I love my PMD tool for my face and plan on using it on my stomach. It’s basically a heavy-duty exfoliation. My skin always feels so smooth a couple of days after using it!

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Products To Fade Stretch Marks and Tighten Skin After Pregnancy | Babies Love and Lattes by Jessica Linn