At almost 26 years old, I finally decided to start being a real adult. Joel and I looked at our monthly spending habits and were shocked! We couldn’t believe how much money we were spending on food, (and Starbucks).

We were spending $200+ on groceries every week, while also eating out. Our Starbucks consumption was also a daily habit. With all of the food in our refrigerator plus eating out, so much food got thrown in the trash. We realized that we were literally throwing our money away. That’s when we decided to really budget for groceries every week.

I binge watched all of Jordan Page‘s youtube videos. Her tips are life savers! By following Jordan’s formula for determining how much money a family should spend on groceries, we realized that we should only be spending about $100 every week on food. I honestly did not think we could eat well on that amount. I was so wrong! By meal planning around what I already have in the fridge or pantry, I could probably feed my family on even less than $100 a week. I also started making some homemade Starbucks drinks!

Watch my $100 weekly grocery haul for a family of 3.5! To see how much good food you get could!

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