One of my favorite things about North Carolina is how supportive everyone is of local businesses. Growing up in West Virginia I saw small businesses come and go within one month!

People in my town did not support the people in their communities trying to build up new restaurants and stores. One of my former co-workers started a business with her parents and within the first week of opening, they were flooded with negative reviews that were nit-picky over silly things.

It made me think that it was impossible for a small local business to thrive and I gave up any plans to ever start my own business until….

I moved to North Carolina 6 years ago and was shocked to see how many successful small businesses existed! Shopping local is so important to people here and I love it.

We got the opportunity to discover a local gem that we can’t wait to go back to. Brayden’s school took a field trip last week to Great Harvest Bread Co. The kids got to see how bread is made and go in the back to see their grain grinder. (Apparently, Great Harvest Bread Co. is the only bakery in the area that grinds their own grain)!

The owner was amazing with the kids! She kept them interested the whole time, served them fresh cinnamon bread and cookies, and let them play with dough.

Brayden was so excited he asked to stay and eat lunch. I had a delicious veggie sandwich, Brady had a PB&J and we ate the most delicious bbq chips from Carolina Kettle. I think someone from Carolina kettle laughed at us bloggers a bit at an event last year, but I’ll let it slide since the chips were good.