We have another Aliexpress outfit to show you! While Aliexpress fabrics are not the greatest quality and will not last long, you don’t need them to anyways. I love nice clothes as much as the next person and I don’t know about you but my kids only wear their clothes for a few months. They just outgrow their stuff so fast! I’ve been purchasing affordable clothing for myself as well as the kids so that we have a lot of stylish options without spending a ton of money!

Affordable Baby Girl Clothing Review | Aliexpress baby outfit inspiration on Babies, Love, and Lattes a motherhood and lifestyle blog by popular North Carolina blogger Jessica Linn.

This adorable woodland print dress is one of my all time favorite Aliexpress purchases! Not only is it adorable but it is soooo affordable at only $7.99. The fabric feels comfortable and stretchy so it is perfect for your little one’s mobility, (which Catalina is all about)! I also adore the trendy quarter sleeves and the cute scoop neckline. Here is a slightly different and affordable deer print dress!

I have a wish list folder on Aliexpress where I save everything I want to get the kids so I’ll link it in this post for you to check what’s on it! Baby Clothes Folder. You can also check out more baby outfits under Catalina’s OOTD Tuesday tag!

What are your opinions on budget friendly clothing? Do you prefer to splurge on high quality products that will last or do you like to purchase a lot of affordable clothing?