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Catalina & Rosa OOTD Tuesday | Louis Vuitton Inspired Outfit | Babies Love and Lattes by Jessica Linn

Catalina & Rosa OOTD Tuesday | Louis Vuitton Inspired Outfit

Last week I shared the cutest Starbucks bell-bottoms and bummies outfits and while I was looking for links to the outfits I saw these adorable Louis Vuitton-inspired bell-bottoms, bummies, and bows! I had to get them! I ordered them from an Etsy shop called Pretty In Pink. Unfortunately, it looks like the listing for this specific outfit is gone but…

Rosa's OOTD Tuesday #1 | Affordable Baby Girl Clothes | Babies, Love, & Lattes by Jessica Linn

Rosa’s OOTD Tuesday #1

I wanted to bring back OOTD Tuesday so this week we’re sharing baby Rosa’s outfit of the day! I found this super cute knitted pink dress with a matching hat and stockings at TjMaxx and had to get it for her! It is so cute and is of amazing quality for the price. TjMaxx is one of my favorite places…

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Catalina’s OOTD Tuesday

Everyone always asks me where I get Catalina’s clothes and some of the answers might surprise you! Like most basic white moms, a majority of my kids’ clothing is from Target. Most of mine and my husband’s clothes are also from Target! In an effort to save a few bucks while still keeping the family in style, I’ve been browsing…