If you’re a first-time mom let me ease your already stressed out mind.  You really don’t need much in your baby’s hospital bag, if anything at all.  Yup! You heard me right. All of those hospital checklists on Pinterest are just a lot of extra work for you to do and honestly, your last few weeks of being baby free could be spent doing much more productive things like soaking up me time. Or watching Netflix. #priorities.

Most hospital bag checklists for baby include things that are optional.

  • Diapers-  I took diapers with me to the hospital and didn’t even use them. The nurses usually put a diaper on them and then leave a small package of diapers in the room. I found that super convenient!
  • Baby Wipes- Same.  The hospital has them and leaves a pack in your room.
  • Hats-  While you may want cute hats for pictures you don’t have to bring them.  The hospital provides a hat after the baby is born and usually gave me a clean one after their first bath. The standard hospital hats are also really cute and simple! They have pink or blue, (I’ve seen some pink ones with bows)!
  • Blankets-  Same as the hats.  The hospital has blankets and can give you clean ones to use throughout your stay. I didn’t use any blankets I brought until the day we were discharged.

What Your Baby Actually Needs

  • A going home outfit- Something cute to take pictures of and comfy! Mine did not like wearing clothes at first!
  • Carseat- The most important baby gear you need to bring to the hospital, otherwise they probably won’t let you leave ;).
  • A blanket- I have seen people keep the hospital blankets just like that hats but I’m not sure if you’re supposed to! Just in case, you should bring a blanket for discharge and the drive home.

Pretty simple, right?

What You Really Need In Your Baby's Hospital Bag. You really don’t need much in your baby’s hospital bag, if anything at all. Keep Reading to find out what you actually need!