We all love our fur babies! I adopted my gorgeous black cat, Kendall, when I was feeling the itch to have another baby but could not handle the idea of being pregnant again haha. Kendall was my sassy little fur baby, always by my side when I was at home. She slept with me a lot of nights, tucked under the blanket like a little person, and she sat by me when I was doing home work.

She may think she owns the house but at least she’s kind to her subjects, AKA us… When the kids cry, she always runs over to check on them. She’s also gentle with the baby. While we try to keep Catalina away from her so they don’t hurt each other haha, a couple of times the baby has gotten ahold of her, but Kendall just gives her gentle warning swats instead of clawing her face up. We have always said that Kendall is like a dog in a cats body. She always wants to be with us, greets us excitedly at the door, and runs to us when we call for her.

I’ve felt so bad that I haven’t been able to sit down and pet her as I used to since having Catalina so I’d like to get her something fun! This inspired me to write a quick post with some Valentines Day gifts ideas for pets! I’ve separated them into the type of pet for you.


Literally, everyone I know has a dog or multiple dogs. So of course, finding Valentines Day gifts for dogs is pretty easy! Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks the dog treats look delicious?!

Another great gift idea for your pup is the subscription service for dogs, BarkBox.


These Valentines gifts are obviously my favorite since my fur baby is a cat! Kendall is very playful so I’m definitely getting her the automatic laser pointer. Also, those catnip candy hearts are the cutest!


These hamster homes are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Look at that wooden castle! There are also some sweet treats for your tiny friends. The apple stick chews are suitable for hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. It also says they’re for squirrels, but I didn’t think very many people had a pet squirrel…


While I don’t know anyone who has a pet bird, when I looked up most popular pets, birds were on the list. So I included some cute gifts for your winged friends!

Pets are such a special part of the family and they deserve to be treated like it! I hope this post helped you find the perfect Valentines Day gifts for your adorable pets!